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190x260mm, 68pgs
two colour Risograph cover
b&w inner pages on recycled paper
Staple bound


Elijah Young, Excitable
Megan Rudden, Gorgeousness and gluttony; art, writing, the academy
Isabelle Scheyd, Slime Collector
Sophie Paul, BodyMovieMachine
Sara O’Brien, (contingent (con)taints)
Lorna Ough, Saliva Turns to Saliva
Olivia Spring, In my New Bed, Body, Drips
Stuart Bannocks, A Small Human and The 7.594 Billion Bears
Monia Al-Haidary, Whiteness as a Commodity
Evelyn Wh-ell, Teetus Deletus
Nina Hanz, Jenny Jump Mountain
Kaiya Waerea, Night’s Web of Reason
Julie Kristensen, Licking; and in relation to becoming an orchid
Martha West, coconut nut butter
Lucy Harbron, Scorpio Rising
Edward Green, Kidbrooke’s Burning
Rosie Higham-Stainton, Extra
Greta Sharp, Dreams For the Future